For their new showroom, Diapal wanted an ultra-flexible lighting system that was easy to operate above all.
The lighting can be controlled centrally and switches on and off automatically thanks to movement sensors. “The sensors are installed in central locations such as the stairwell, hallways and sanitary facilities. Lighting in those areas might otherwise be left on unnecessarily,” says Thomas Ballegeer of Qbus.
The company also installed a button in the meeting room to dim the lighting and switch on the projector simultaneously. The exterior lighting is controlled by an astronomical clock in the controller. “That way the exterior lighting goes on when darkness falls and stays on till the indicated hour. In the morning it lights back up until the sun is out again.” Qbus also improved the lighting options for the office. “The desks have been fitted with dimmable LED strips. If there’s too much light people can dim the lighting, making
computer work more pleasant.” 
“With a showroom like this one, the lay-out can always change and this must be taken into account,” Ballegeer continues. “To accomplish that we employ DALI controls, allowing the lighting to be moved about easily without adapting the wiring. An additional benefit with DALI is that all fixtures are now dimmable. The created scene helps customers imagine they’re at home more easily. Furthermore, it’s very common to use LED strips and recessed spot lights that are dimmed differently.”