Two showrooms, two systems, one interface


The two Lunoo showrooms, which the lighting manufacturer uses to showcase its fixtures, are fitted with two different control systems. “The first showroom had a DALI system,” explains Thomas Ballegeer, Qbus sales engineer. “Lunoo wanted to change the controls for that showroom, but due to the antiquated DALI version that wasn’t possible. Using the Qbus DALI interface (QDI) you can easily change the DALI addresses and groups yourself for an optimally functional showroom. Via the Qbus Cloud you can then effortlessly manipulate showroom controls, add groups, create different scenes, add users,…
Lunoo wanted to preserve the KNX system in the second showroom, while also creating a shared interface for both rooms. Thomas: “By adding the Ubiebox/KNX to the installation, the KNX installation can be operated using the same tablet and control system. Ubie is developed by Qbus to link various home & building automation systems - Qbus, KNX, Modbus - to each other and to Internet of Things devices such as Sonos, Bose, Hue,...”


Easy operation
The big challenge for Qbus was to deliver an affordable installation running on a single system. “It was possible to replace the equipment for the first showroom one device at a time and still read out the addresses and groups. Therefore, we didn’t have to reconfigure everything. For the second showroom all we needed to do was upload the KNX programming file to the Ubie. This project is especially interesting for Qbus as it allows us to demonstrate the ease of programming and operation of the DALI system. You can operate and adjust your installation effortlessly via the Qbus and Ubie Cloud. 

Foto showroom Lunoo_3.png
Foto showroom Lunoo.png
Foto showroom Lunoo_2.png