15 Oktober 2019 - Door Livine




(Tekst door Annelies Cappaert)


Our life is a lucid dream:

we are half awake, we are half asleep.

Every morning a bundle of light beams 

twinkles our eyes.

Inviting us in to join

the spectacle of life.


When the night falls, 

We pull her strings. 

We tow the boat back on it’s shore

and hide in her shell of darkness.


Every morning

we yearn for the awakening…


This motor of our existence

runs like a 

daily driving force

on the fuel of:



The awakening

is the urge, 

is our need 

is the kick in the ass we need so hard

to hold on when we see no tomorrow,

to cut loose when we leave loved ones behind,

to live wide awake ìn the moment,

to realize that each day, we can can start living the rest of our lives. 


The divine light

puts a spotlight on the most intense moments of our lives:

In clear bright light we can all be heroes

In clear bright light we run our victories.


In soft subdued light we can be fragile.

In soft subdued light we fall in love.


Her shades and shadows touch our souls

like flaming emotions

showing us all faces of life.

We dim the lights, according the emotion that we feel.


Above all 

light shows us

our imperfections and our fragility…


“There is a crack in everything

that’s how the light gets in…”


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