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Qbus develops and sells hardware and software that increases the energy efficiency of residential and commercial buildings as well as the peace of mind of their occupants.

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Qbus makes buildings and homes smart

Qbus seeks to make buildings smart. Qbus products are installed in smart buildings to guarantee the seamless connection of the lighting, heating, cooling, ventilation, screens, audio, alarm and other existing technologies. This ensures effortless communication and interaction between the inhabitant, owner or user.


As a user you are free to decide how sophisticated your system should be and what your priorities are. The purpose of all this is to offer a building’s inhabitant or user more comfort and peace of mind, while reducing energy consumption. 


“As a building automation controls and systems  manufacturer, we owe it to ourselves to constantly develop future-oriented products while retaining compatibility with our existing installations. "​​

Tom Vanden Bussche, CEO Qbus​

Comfort, security and peace of mind.

A Qbus installation allows you more control over what happens in your home or building: from lighting and heating to shutters and televisions, everything is easy to control based on a central system. For example, it is always pleasantly warm when you get back home, but the heating is not working overtime unnecessarily when you are away. Security is also an important reason for home automation’s increasing popularity. For example, the integrated presence simulation facility ensures your home does not appear to be empty when you are off on holiday.


A Qbus smart home also helps elderly people to live
independently at home for longer. The stove, for example, can be automatically disabled if no movement is detected in the kitchen for a long period. Your smart home will also send out an alarm if no activity is detected in the dwelling for an unusually long period in the morning even though somebody was at home.

Good for the environment and your energy bill

In houses, we save on average 19% on heating and 13% on electricity. In commercial buildings, the savings amount to 60% and 30% respectively. With Qbus you can work in more energy efficient ways:

  • the "All-Off" button avoids unnecessary lighting or heating / cooling.
  • smart switches with built-in temperature sensors allow multi-zone heating: more comfort and less energy.
  • Window open = heating / cooling off
  • CO2-based ventilation = optimum air quality without energy waste
  • detectors provide the right temperature and the right light level only if someone is present.
  • screens are automatically closed to prevent overheating when the sun is shining.

Quality made in Belgium, sold everywhere

All Qbus modules are Highly Accelerated Life Tested (HALT). This “stress test” puts Qbus modules through their paces in circumstances (high and low temperatures, vibration, current differences,…) that are much more extreme than those in which the products will be deployed. The outcome is a longer lifespan and a better quality for
the tested products.


Since its inception in 1999, Qbus has already transformed over 13,000 homes and buildings into smart buildings. All the Qbus products and services are developed in the company’s headquarters in Erpe-Mere in Belgium. Qbus offices in the United Arab Emirates, Sri Lanka, India and Singapore offer technical and sales support in these regions. Qbus has partnered with dealers in more than 10 European countries.

20+ countries with Qbus installations


countries with Qbus installations
5 international branches: Dubai, Sri Lanka, India, Singapore, the Netherlands


international branches: Dubai, Sri Lanka, India, Singapore, the Netherlands
500+ happy hour in the office


happy hour in the office
1500+ data points/sec to make the building even smarter


data points/sec to make the building even smarter
2012 the Qbeer is brewed


the Qbeer is brewed
1.000.000+ Qbus modules up and running


Qbus modules up and running
9420 headquarters in Erpe-Mere


headquarters in Erpe-Mere