News about what's going on at Qbus

Save on costs and gain comfort with EMS Luqas

28 May 2024 - By Julie

With the world becoming increasingly electric, we are seeing a logical rise in our electricity costs. If you prefer to save energy and pay less, an energy management system (EMS) like Luqas is worth considering.

Luqas is now even smarter with the help of AI.

27 March 2024 - By Julie

To further enhance our ability to monitor, predict, and optimize all parameters, we recently partnered with technology company Ixor. Specializing in AI, they enable us to refine Luqas even further.

System Manager III - The configuration tool that grows with new products and functionalities.

5 February 2024 - By Ruben

Our configuration tool, System Manager III, has received several significant updates in the past months. Not only due to the addition of new products, such as the Zigbee range, but also through numerous improvements based on user feedback.

1 December 2023 - By Livine



17 November 2023 - By Livine



System Manager III - Convenient updates that make your configuration process easier.

16 May 2023 - By Marc

With the addition of color settings on the SWC switches, simplified thermostat screens, and conversion tables for heating control, you can configure more quickly and easily with System Manager III.

Motor Control with Qbus

15 May 2023 - By Livine

Electrically controlled sunscreens, shutters, curtains, gates, etc. provide more comfort, convenience, safety, and energy savings. Think of automatically lowering screens during intense sunlight and centralized control of shutters and gates. Opening and closing curtains contribute to the resident's sense of luxury.

Luqas: The Smart Electricity Manager from Qbus.

1 February 2023 - By Livine

Luqas, the smart electricity manager, actively manages your heat pump or boiler and charging station based on information from the digital meter. Luqas also calculates your predicted quarter-hour peak and lets you know if you will exceed it so that you can intervene in time. With Luqas, you can easily reduce your energy bill.

More comfort with a lower energy bill thanks to Qbus

21 October 2022 - By Ruben

As a building automation manufacturer, Qbus was engaged by Daan De Volder Architects to make a '90s home smarter and energy efficient. In collaboration with installer Geert Van Der Aa, the end client's wishes were fully met.

Energy sharing with Qbus

21 October 2022 - By Ruben

New energy issues require new, targeted solutions. Find out how you can use a Qbus installation to read out your solarpowered generated energy and distribute it to other houses or flats.

New in the Qbus DALI range: Stand-Alone DALI Dimmer for 4 groups on 1 DALI circuit

14 September 2022 - By Ruben

In the world of lighting, there has been an emergence of various dimming technologies in recent years. This is why Qbus continues to invest in the DALI range. Discover now the new Stand-Alone DALI Group Dimmer.

2 September 2022 - By Tom

The new Qbus Controller that grows with your system

25 January 2022 - By Ruben

We are happy to present our new controller, fully developed according to the Qbus DNA. The new Qbus controller is easy, flexible and future-oriented. Via expansion cards, the controller is fully scalable to the customer's needs!

8 October 2021 - By Livine

The Qbus weather station has been renewed

28 May 2021 - By Björn

The Qbus weather station has been upgraded. The change went faster than expected, so the first deliveries of the type P04 are already underway. With the weather station, it is possible to trigger actions based on local weather conditions.  Applications range from controlling shutters, awnings, automatic watering, lighting at dusk...

Qbus measures against Corona

13 March 2020 - By Livine

Also at Qbus we are taking the necessary precautions against Corona-virus. We have postponed all training sessions that were planned between March 16th and April 3rd. At the same time, we remain operational. 


Convinced rural with a smart twist

16 December 2019 - By Livine

This rural house requires adapted home automation to make the daily life of the residents easier, says installer Kristof Debal from Zedelgem. He installed Qbus to control DALI lighting, slats, also access control and the audio system was integrated with Qbus. The Tastu Display was used as a room controller for operation.

New version Qbus System Manager III (V3.16.02)

5 July 2018 - By Marc

The new version of the Qbus System Manager is online.

Welcome Sébastien and Maaike

26 September 2017 - By Livine

Two new colleagues recently joined Qbus. Sébastien Poesmans brings his skills to our sales team while Maaike Verdoodt fronts our reception desk. 

New version Qbus System Manager III (3.15.0)

25 September 2017 - By Marc

The new version of the Qbus System Manager is online. This new version includes our new controller (CTD01Em) from the Start To Qbus pack

Qbus - Proud to participate in Re-Art

5 September 2017 - By Tom

Re-Art, a project in which entrepreneurs and artists join forces to raise money for charity. Qbus will be there, will you join us? Re-Art, a project in which entrepreneurs and artists join forces to raise money for charity. Qbus will be there, will you join us?

Test our free Qbus Cloud e-mail and SMS service

25 March 2017 - By Tom

You can control or visualise your home or building in the Qbus Cloud, whenever and wherever you are, with any smartphone, tablet or computer. But you will only fully understand the Qbus Cloud’s real power when you connect your Smart Home to an e-mail or text messaging service.

0 November -1 - By Ruben