Qbus product range

The Qbus concept is built so that customers can start with a basic installation, which they can further adapt and expand at any time based on their needs at that time. After all, a Qbus installation always remains compatible with new products and services. This further expansion is possible with Qbus products, as well as with other control systems and even with smart devices such as Hue, Sonos, Bose, Google Home, Alexa, IP cameras, ...


The Qbus products and solutions are divided into:

  • Qbus Stand-Alone, the expandable basic installation with an All Off Button.
  • Qbus Full, a complete automation system with central intelligence
  • Qbus Open, where Qbus is part of a set of smart home systems and smart appliances that are molded into one integrated system via Ubiebox or OpenHab.

Qbus Stand-Alone

Prepares your home for the future: easy, affordable
and expandable entry-level home automation

Qbus Full

The smart, central Qbus controller
connects all the different technologies

Qbus Open

Connects your Internet of Things devices with
each other and with the home automation system

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