A selection of people’s experiences with Qbus

Installer transforms private residence into a contemporary showroom in collaboration with Qbus.

Turning your private residence into a contemporary showroom as an installer? That was the idea that Pieter Degrande and his spouse had while planning their new construction project. They envisioned inviting clients to their home and showcasing the latest technologies. In collaboration with Cebeo, Modular, and Qbus, they turned this concept into reality.

More comfort with a lower energy bill thanks to Qbus

As a building automation manufacturer, Qbus was engaged by Daan De Volder Architects to make a '90s home smarter and energy efficient. In collaboration with installer Geert Van Der Aa, the end client's wishes were fully met.

Energy sharing with Qbus

New energy issues require new, targeted solutions. Find out how you can use a Qbus installation to read out your solarpowered generated energy and distribute it to other houses or flats.

Beautiful SUMUM switches powered by Qbus Building Intelligence.


Here's to brains combined with beauty!

Contemporary lighting design is not complete without a beautifully styled light button with the necessary intelligence.

New construction of Fokker head office

Construction of new head office for Fokker, manufacturer of aircraft parts, at Slobbengors in Papendrecht.

Highquality, future-oriented technologies in loft apartment

For his own loft apartment Olivier Salens opted for the Full
Qbus system. “In my capacity as an architect I obviously
know how residential building activities develop, and I was determined to have high-quality, future-oriented technologies in my own apartment.

Residential building project: ready for the future with Qbus

“ Qbus Stand-Alone gave us the opportunity to offer a limited budget-priced basic functionality whose added value is recognised by all purchasers.” Frederik Huys

Tastu, the story

The story behind the Tastu is the story of different people, including Alexandre, Tom, installers and architects.

Health centre Assenede GPs, specialists and Qbus in one location.

“All these techniques are controlled by Qbus, ensuring the user can easily operate everything without making manners much less complicated.” Jurgen Van De Walle -ProHeating Systems

Up in the clouds with Qbus cloud

Sophia and Ricardo bought an old villa back in 2010.
They decided to renovate it from top to bottom − they
wanted to retain the atmosphere and charm of the
dwelling but nonetheless opted for a future-oriented
building approach based on new technologies.

Asse fire station

Brand-new fire station in Asse, Belgium integrates
automation applications for shorter response
times, more energy efficiency and comfort.

Efficiency and comfort in Avondzon residential care center

Seniors, residents of Residential Care Centre Avondzon, and their caretakers greatly appreciate the comfort provided by the Qbus installation. The high level of satisfaction perfectly complements the excellent reputation Avondzon enjoys around Aalst.


Well worth the investment - Carlos Thysebaerdt, Director at Avondzon