The sleek design of Sumum fits in perfectly with a modern and organized interior. Minimalism is rampant.


SUMUM stands for "Excellence in Simplicity".

The simplicity of installation, the modularity, and the adaptability according to the wishes of the customer go hand in hand with the traditional professionalism that typifies Sumum.


And Sumum goes beyond light switches, also lighting fixtures, ventilation grilles, pressure plates for the toilet, bedside tables, ... complete the collection. 


Or as Architect Stef Claes puts it: "it's all in the details"


Sumum, a Belgian brand, was founded by Wesley Demeester. He is passionate about beautifully detailed products, honors craftsmanship and believes in design that is strong in its simplicity. Because of the pure products, he was noticed by top architects at home and abroad. Wesley delivers projects in high-end residential markets, hotels and offices.


SUMUM stands for simplicity, quality and design.



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Projects by Architect Stef Claes - Photography by Cafeine

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