14 June 2024 - By Julie

New Developments in Energy & Comfort Control


At Qbus, we deliver intelligent, flexible, and future-proof solutions for building technologies in lighting, HVAC, and energy management. Discover our latest innovative products and applications in this blog.


Energy management: Luqas is growing


Luqas meets AI


We are proud to introduce a series of new features and expansions for our smart energy manager, Luqas. Our latest update uses consumption and weather forecasts to optimally plan charging sessions.


By integrating real-time data, we ensure that your vehicle charges at the most energy-efficient times. The system adjusts the charging process based on current, dynamic energy rates, allowing users to always benefit from the lowest costs.


We have expanded our compatibility portfolio to include Spelsberg and Enovates brands, and we now also support Alfen Double charging stations. This offers more choice and flexibility. Soon, Luqas will also be compatible with batteries and inverters.


Luqas Charging Hub: efficient and sustainable charging


Meet the Luqas Charging Hub, the advanced load balancing solution that can manage up to 20 charging points. This innovative module makes charging multiple electric vehicles on a charging plaza simpler and more efficient.


Why choose Luqas Charging Hub?

  • Triple load protection ensures safe and reliable operation, even under heavy load.
  • Individual control of each charging station. You decide the charging mode: priority charging, automatically balanced, or a sustainable option using only solar energy.
  • The system also features energy buffering for the heat pump, helping to minimize peaks in energy consumption and increase efficiency.

The Luqas Charging Hub is a powerful and flexible solution that not only manages your charging points but also contributes to more sustainable energy consumption.



Comfort: innovative, new applications


RoomMate room control


The new Room Controller with a 4” display is the solution for room control of up to 20 outputs in your home. With its built-in temperature sensor, proximity sensor, and doorbell, this controller offers versatile and intuitive control.


The advantages of the RoomMate:


  • RoomMate functions as a thermostat thanks to the built-in temperature sensor.
  • The RoomMate screen responds only when needed, adding a touch of magic to your interaction.
  • One RoomMate replaces multiple switches and can also be used as a doorbell.
  • Available in several refined versions, each with a unique frame. The RoomMate is available in Black, White, Alu, Brushed Brass, and Classic Bronze.

Ready-to-Use Control for Your Pump Group with PGM01


The pump group module is the solution for smart control of one pump group or a local convector. With our new pump group control, you are assured of reliable and optimized operation of your HVAC systems.


Capabilities of the pump group module:

  • This versatile module supports both 3-point control via 230V control contacts and valves operated via 0-10V signals.
  • With four potential-free contacts of 10A each, a 0-10V output, support for two NTC sensors, and three programmable inputs, the PGM01 is designed for precise and flexible control of pumps and valves.
  • Configuration is simple thanks to the System Manager III software, which generates the required I/Os and logic automatically by entering the module's serial number.


Discover the new SENMoLi and SENMax sensors


The SENMoLi and SENMax are sensors for motion, light, and air quality.


  • The SENMoLi is a versatile, white or black motion and light sensor suitable for any interior style. This sensor is subtly integrated, making it hardly noticeable in your space. With both built-in and surface-mounted variants, this product is ideal for ceiling installation in residential projects, such as toilets or living spaces.
  • In addition to motion and light, the white SENMax sensor also measures temperature, CO2 levels, and relative humidity. The sleek, modern design makes it a stylish addition to any room.

Qbus Control: improved layout and new features in our online environment


We have expanded Qbus Control with some handy new features. These new features make managing your smart devices even more intuitive and organized.


  • The stepper function makes it easy to display different modes of your air conditioning, heat pump, and/or ventilation unit under one icon.
  • You can easily create main groups to logically organize your devices. Name them “Home” or “Beach Apartment” and share your main groups with others. You can also hide certain groups to keep your dashboard clear.


At Qbus, we continue to innovate and strive to provide sustainable and smart solutions for a comfortable and energy-efficient living environment. Discover how our latest products and technologies can make your life simpler, more efficient, and more sustainable.


Contact us for more information about our innovative solutions.

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