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Intelligent charging without worries with luqas


Charging an electric car can often cause a household's energy consumption to spike. A smart energy management system like Luqas provides a solution by selecting the best charging times for you. Your car will then automatically charge at the most suitable times of the day without you having to monitor it.


How does it work? A Luqas module automatically accounts for the energy consumption of other devices in the house, resulting in lower peak loads and more efficient use of self-generated solar energy. Through the energy slider, you can set your maximum consumption and easily track how much energy is going to your car. The app also provides real-time insights into your energy consumption.





Depending on the chosen subscription (Luqas View, Luqas Control, Luqas Dynamic Control), you have access to various features of the Luqas module. This way, you determine to what extent you automatically manage your heavy users and keep control over your energy consumption.


  • With the free Luqas View subscription, you have access to the energy slider, you can automatically control two charging points, and you get a visual overview of your energy consumption and production.
  • The Luqas Control subscription gives you the choice between three charging modes (Manual, Sun Only, and Auto), sends you push notifications during peak consumption or high injection, and provides you a monthly dashboard with energy insights and personal tips.
  • Luqas Dynamic Control also considers dynamic pricing, weather forecasts, and consumption predictions for optimal management.

With Luqas Control and Luqas Dynamic Control, you have access to three different charging modes:


  • Manual, where you set the charging power yourself.
  • Sun-Only, where the car only charges when there is sufficient solar energy.
  • Auto, where the car charges with a predefined number of kilometers within a specific period. The amount of energy charged is determined as economically as possible, taking into account the energy slider and the rate.

Did you know?

Luqas now has partnerships with no less than 8 well-known charging station brands:​​​​​ ABB, Alfen, EmosS, Enovates, Mennekes, Blitz Power, Spelsberg and Veton.



Luqas also fits in your home


Luqas works in all homes, whether you have home automation or not, and integrates seamlessly with charging stations and heat pumps. All you need is a digital meter. With built-in weather and consumption forecasting, you can save significantly on costs. Additionally, Luqas is an open system, meaning you can easily add new devices, such as a jacuzzi, in the future.


What also makes Luqas unique is its ability to manage two different brands of charging stations. Do you already have a charging station for your electric car, and your family member is provided with another brand's charging station by their employer? No problem for Luqas. Our energy management module manages both charging stations of different brands effortlessly and ensures smart management of your consumption.


NOT ONLY AT HOME, but also at your office


Intelligent charging is not only for your home but also for your office. That's why soon we will be launching the Luqas Charging Hub, the advanced load balancing solution that can manage up to 20 charging points. This innovative module simplifies and makes charging multiple electric vehicles at one location more efficient.


The Luqas Charging Hub offers triple load protection, ensuring safe and reliable operation even under heavy load. You can control each charging station individually and set the charging mode (Manual, Auto, or Sun-Only) yourself. The Luqas Charging Hub is a powerful solution that efficiently manages your charging points and contributes to sustainable energy consumption.



are you already using your energy in a smart way?


Smart charging ensures a more efficient and safer charging process. Luqas monitors your electricity consumption and automatically adjusts the charging power based on the available energy. This means that your electric car never demands more power than is available, preventing overload and guaranteeing optimal charging speed.


Additionally, smart charging provides insights into your charging behavior and energy consumption, allowing you to take advantage of fluctuations in electricity prices throughout the day.


Want to know more about Luqas? All information about Luqas can be found in the leaflet and at luqas.be


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