25 January 2022 - By Ruben

The new qbus controller grows with your installation from 10 to 150 modules via expansion cards.


The new Qbus controller is fully developed according to the Qbus DNA: easy, flexible and future-oriented


  • Easy: 1 product: for small or large installations (buildings). There are always 2 buses of 1000mA each, always ethernet connection, same connection and programming.
  • Flexible: The controller is scalable (with the expansion card) according to the customer's needs.
  • Future-proof: The width of the module (4DIN) is the same for all controllers, the installer can build his cabinet regardless of how large the installation is or will become in the future. The new controller is also compatible with all existing modules.


Product information



Unlike previous series of CTD controllers, the bus load limitation is not measured by the power consumption on the bus but by the exact number of connected modules.

The CTD is delivered in 3 versions: controller up to 10 Qbus modules (CTD10), controller up to 40 Qbus modules (CTD40), controller up to an average of 2X75 Qbus modules (CTDmax).



Product features

CTD10 (10 modules), CTD40 (40 modules), CTDmax (2 X 75 modules)


  • Always 2 bus connections of 1000mA each, more power per bus allows to connect more modules, displays and Tastu switches.
  • Ethernet port for the programming and visualization of the Qbus Cloud
  • SD card is safely hidden behind the cabinet cover, only accessible for the installer.
  • More energy efficient thanks to new bus control, limited heat generation

Qbus Controller - expansion card



The expansion card (EXP15) contains a code under the scratch layer that can be entered in System Manager. The controller is immediately extended with 15 extra Qbus modules.


The expansion card allows you to extend the CTD10 and CTD40 controllers by 15 extra Qbus modules. This way, a CTD10 can be extended with a maximum of 4 cards, and it becomes a full CTDmax (on average 2X75 modules). A CTDmax cannot be extended any further.


Want to know how to expand the controller via system manager, watch the instruction video here.


If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact your Qbus representative or via email sales@qbus.be

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