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New energy issues also require new, targeted solutions. For instance, since 2022, it is possible to share your own generated energy with others such as your family, neighbours or friends; this presupposes the presence of a digital meter.


Energy sharing impacts the bill of both the one who shares the energy and the one who receives it. For instance, the energy sharer does not receive compensation for his injected energy. He gives it to the recipients for free. On the other hand, the recipient enjoys free, generated energy and his energy bill will go down. When compensation is demanded from the energy distributor, we speak of energy sales. Seller and receiver agree a price for this with each other.


A very interesting route in energy sharing is sharing generated energy from a central solar park on an apartment building to the flats themselves. The generated energy is then centralised on one inverter and one digital counter and diverted to the grid. However, each flat can enjoy the generated energy if this energy can be immediately distributed and consumed per flat. As indicated above, if consumption occurs at the same time as generation, they can cancel each other out-and lighten the recipients' bill.


A practical example is shown in the diagram below: at a central controller, the generated energy is read from the solar panel installation via the digital counter. The generated energy is distributed to the various flats according to preset rules and buffered thanks to the dynamic control of domestic hot water boilers. The generated energy is thus converted into heated water. Each boiler also naturally operates on its own control to its individually adjusted temperature. So everyone has the necessary comfort combined with optimal energy use.

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