Installer Pieter Degrande transforms his private residence into a contemporary showroom


Pieter Degrande BV has been specializing in electrical installations, air conditioning and home automation, ventilation systems, and solar panels for many years. The entrepreneur primarily focuses on the residential market. "In this way, I come into contact with modern solutions on a daily basis that are exemplars of quality in terms of both design and functionality. That's why it felt very logical to integrate such technologies into the design of our new home."





Since only the front façade of the house remained, we can safely call it a new construction project. As a regular customer, Pieter approached Cebeo for the technical implementation. "We opted for a Qbus Full home automation system, DALI-controlled dimming, HVAC control, energy and level measurements, a high-performance camera and alarm system, and more. We did this primarily to enhance our own comfort, but also with the intention of showcasing the current possibilities to clients." Since its completion in September 2021, Pieter regularly invites clients to his home. "These are primarily people who are open to technological innovation, advanced techniques, and are willing to allocate a suitable budget. We often notice that after such a visit, they naturally start attaching more importance to lighting, which is usually a decision they make towards the end of the project. When they see what is possible in reality, it lowers the barrier for them to fully embrace it themselves."



For James Van den Bossche, an external lighting advisor at Cebeo, the realization at Pieter Degrande's residence was a prestigious project. "We had previously collaborated with Pieter on the implementation of electrical installations and lighting. To provide him with an accurate understanding of the possibilities, we visited the showroom of Modular Lighting Instruments in Roeselare together. That convinced Pieter to step up his game in terms of appealing color combinations and original fixtures, perfectly matching the style of the house."



In the final phase of the project, Jonas De Waepenaere, project manager at Modular Lighting Instruments, joined to assist in resolving a technical-electrical challenge for the office lighting. Meanwhile, Pieter Degrande and his family have been feeling right at home in their new residence for quite some time. "I've always had a fondness for gadgets and high-tech, so it's great to be able to 'play' with them every day now. The children also enjoy creating specific lighting atmospheres with them."


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