27 March 2024 - By Julie

Luqas is now even smarter with the help of AI.


Nowadays, everyone is seeking ways to make their homes and/or buildings more energy-efficient. With our energy manager Luqas, you're well on your way to smartly managing your energy flows. This device connects all major consumers, controls them, and avoids energy peaks on your bill.


For instance, Luqas adjusts the charging station to a lower power when the hairdryer and dryer are used simultaneously, preventing a consumption peak.

To better monitor, predict, and optimize all parameters, we recently partnered with technology company Ixor.


Specializing in AI, they enable us to further refine Luqas.





With the help of predictive control schedules and optimized charging schedules, as a Luqas user, you can not only reduce costs but also utilize your energy more efficiently.

Business Development Manager Nick De Plus explains: "At Qbus, we have both hardware and software expertise to develop products that enhance the energy efficiency of residential and commercial buildings. By further complementing this internal knowledge with Ixor's experience in machine learning and AI models, we can elevate our energy management solutions to an even higher level and finely control the energy flows in homes and buildings.

This ensures added comfort and lower energy bills for our customers. In addition to the technical expertise, Ixor is also a business partner for us, capable of understanding the opportunities and challenges in our market. This creates a powerful synergy that keeps the Luqas smart electricity manager at the forefront of the market."




This collaboration elevates our energy management solution Luqas to a higher level, providing even greater sustainable comfort to our customers. The new features not only monitor your indoor consumption but also take into account variable weather forecasts and tariff schedules. This allows Luqas to always suggest the most optimal charging pattern for you.

In this way, it won't just reduce the charging power of your charging station while the dryer and washing machine are running.


Furthermore, it will also recommend delaying your charging session during cloudy weather, advising you to wait an hour because the sun will shine at that time. And that's not all. Luqas even registers when dynamic tariffs are low, optimizing the charging session of your home battery.




Luqas is designed with the future in mind. That's why it's continuously upgraded with new capabilities and additional features, ensuring that your installation evolves along with end-user needs and the latest technological advancements.


In recent months, we've been hard at work on a Luqas version that can also control charging stations—meaning more than two charging points. This is particularly valuable for businesses facing the challenges of a growing fleet of electric vehicles.


By intelligently integrating with the charging stations, Luqas suggests an optimal charging schedule based on available data such as energy supply, energy prices, and energy demand. This enables users to charge their electric vehicles at times when energy is cheaper or when there's an abundance of sustainable energy available.


The result? Lower charging costs and more efficient energy consumption.




Luqas offers a smart and effective solution for managing energy consumption in homes and buildings, resulting in lower energy costs and a more sustainable lifestyle for users.


Visit Qbus.be/Energiebeheer for more technical information, or Luqas.be to find an installer near you.

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