5 July 2018 - By Marc

New version Qbus System Manager III (V3.16.02)


The most important changes since V3.15.0 are:

  • By doubleclicking on a module picture, the technical datasheet from the website is shown
  • Menubar icon ‘Manual’ added: Depending on the current menu item, the online manual is shown
  • Support for Dali Broadcast module QDBC02SA (module type 0009)
  • Reset calibration ROL02P per output instead of always both
  • Import QDB (with selection) in current QDB
  • Communication check with FFFFFF will give s/n if only 1 new module is connected
  • Support for Tastu Display (module type 0008)
  • Dimmer and CLC with memory Y/N?
  • Different 'Dim start' for day and for night
  • Setting sensitivity in MDI01/SEN04 made easier
  • Saving and adding sequences in DMX modules added
  • Menubar icon 'Setup' added


For more information and to download the new version, see installation file


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