25 March 2017 - By Tom

Test our free Qbus Cloud e-mail and SMS service


Use the Qbus Cloud to control your heating, switch everything off or receive e-mail or text message notifications from your home. All Qbus customers have free access to the Qbus Cloud, from any smartphone, tablet or computer with an Internet connection. What’s more, there’s no software installation involved. 


E-mails or text messages using the Qbus cloud


You will only fully understand the Qbus Cloud’s real power when you connect your Smart Home to an e-mail or text messaging service: when an e-mail with a camera image is automatically sent when someone rings your doorbell, you receive a text message when there is movement in or around the house or if your gate is still open after 10 p.m. and so on.

Order a free trial subscription to discover the endless options of the Qbus Cloud. Further information: www.qbuscloud.com. 


“But the greatest thing is the text message I receive when the children get home. They no longer have to ring me up - which they usually forgot to do anyway. As soon as they deactivate the alarm and turn on the light, I receive a text message that informs me that the “Children are home”. I couldn't live without my Qbus anymore.” - Lies

Read Lies and Koen’s story here 

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