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RoomMate Room Controller (RMT/x)



Introducing the RoomMate, the intuitive control panel for the Qbus system.


This user-friendly room controller features a customizable four-inch display and offers the following functions:


  • Built-in temperature sensor, proximity sensor, and can be used as a room thermostat.
  • One RoomMate replaces multiple switches and can also be used as a doorbell.
  • Supports up to 20 different controls such as switching, dimmers, thermostat, and ambiance settings.
  • Easy to connect to the Qbus bus and to install using a standard flush-mounted box with claw or screw fixtures.
  • Available in five different finishes. Standard: Black, White, and Alu. Also available with a brass frame in Brushed Brass and Classic Bronze.


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Pump group module for 1 pump group (PGM01)

The pump group module (PGM01) is the solution for smart control of one pump group. The module is suitable for various types of pump groups, allowing you to easily control 3-point regulation via 230V control contacts or valves operated via 0-10V signals.


The pump group module (PGM01) features:

  • Four potential-free contacts, each capable of handling up to 10A, for seamless pump and valve control.
  • One 0-10V output for precise control of a three-way valve.
  • Support for up to two NTC sensors for accurate temperature monitoring.
  • Three programmable inputs for flexible integration with potential-free contacts.


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Smart motion and light sensor (SENMoLi)

**Available from 25/03/2024**

The new smart sensor is a bus-controlled and powered motion and light sensor (SENMoLi). The SENMoLi is available in both recessed and surface-mounted variants, as well as in white or black color.


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Smart sensor for motion, light and air quality (SENMax)

**Available from 25/03/2024**

The SENMax is an all-in-one sensor with motion, light, CO2, humidity, and temperature measurement capabilities. This makes this sensor highly versatile. The SENMax sensor provides accurate measurement of CO2 concentration with a measurement range of up to 40,000 ppm. Available as both recessed and surface-mounted variants.


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Qbus Wireless Zigbee range


Qbus Wireless Interface – Zigbee (QWI/ZB)


The Qbus Wireless Interface - Zigbee (QWI/ZB) connects wireless Qbus Zigbee modules and products from other manufacturers using the Zigbee protocol to a Qbus system.


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Qbus wireless Zigbee thermostatic valve for radiators (QWZ-RAD)


The QWZ-RAD is a wireless motorized radiator thermostat that can be linked to the Qbus Wireless Interface with Zigbee protocol (QWI/ZB).


The radiator thermostat features a round rotating and pressure button for adjusting the temperature. The temperature is easy to read thanks to the energy-efficient LED display.


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Qbus wireless Zigbee relay (QWZ-REL02/230)


The QWZ-REL02/230 is a dual relay module with wireless control via the Zigbee protocol. Thanks to the wireless relays, you can also realise a Qbus system in a traditionally wired installation. Thus, this module can switch small capacities such as lighting devices.


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Qbus wireless socket with energy measurement (Belgian version) (QWZ-PPE/BE)


The QWZ-PPE/BE is an intermediate socket that can switch up to 16A. You can use this smart socket to easily switch a connected appliance on and off. Once you plug the smart socket into a normal socket, you can locally switch the connected appliance on and off using the button on the socket.


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Qbus wireless Zigbee thermostat flush-mount (QWZ-TH)


The QWZ-TH is a 230V powered room thermostat that can be linked to the Qbus Wireless Interface using Zigbee protocol (QWI/ZB).

Thanks to the room thermostat QWZ-TH, you can control both the heating temperature and the fan speed of the ventilation.


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