Qbus makes it happen


In the Avondzon residential care centre, Qbus intelligent
motion detectors are used to control the night lighting and ensure that hot plates in service flats can be used only when someone is present. Magnet contacts in the windows prevent the air-conditioning from starting if the windows are open. 


Technology serves residents


The central control screen in the emergency room displays the alarms: these are automatically activated if a rest home resident fails to get up at the usual time, or if the outside door opens at an unusual time. These functions are available without people having to use an emergency button on bracelet or collar, as users sometimes feel these are rather stigmatising.
The emergency buttons may of course also be used in the Qbus Care system - further improving user safety and security.


Fully justified investment
The head of Avondzon, Carlos Thysebaerdt


“As we are continuing to expand and ensuring the successful technical management of our centre is becoming an increasingly complicated business, we find ourselves faced with a choice. We either develop a technical service ourselves or launch an automated system via outsourcing. After conducting a survey we discovered that the Qbus system offered the most capabilities, while being extremely user-friendly. The service is also outstanding. Automated building management provides three key advantages:
a huge increase in the level of residents' comfort,
improved security and energy-saving opportunities".


“After conducting a survey we discovered that the Qbus system offered the most capabilities, while being extremely user-friendly.” — Carlos Thysebaerdt

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