Tastu, the story


Customers request a contemporary switch that can be operated like tablets or smartphones, adaptable, beautiful, but also functional and affordable.


Tom translated those wishes into glass, adaptable colours, a useful second page, bevelled corners, auto-positioning hooks for securing. Alexandre studied and developed the underlying electronics: how can a single key carry out various functions, what is the ideal position of the capacitive touch fields, how do we ensure that the light of the colour LEDs is reflected on the glass plate in the desired spot?


Designers, architects, installers


But the story of Tastu® also includes the designers of
Orange who made sure the installation is plug-andplay,
the Qbus installers who have tested the Tastu® and demanded that the glass would be “fingerprintproof”
and the local and international architects who proposed versions with symbols and ensured that the appropriate sockets are also being developed.

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