“This Qbus entry-level system was just what we were
looking for” according to Frederik Huys, director at Eiffage
Vuylsteke Development. “It gave us the opportunity to offer a limited budget-priced basic functionality whose added value is recognised by all purchasers. For example, every apartment has an All Off button at the front door that can disable the lighting, the screens and the coffee machine socket at the touch of a button.


The main bedroom also has an All Off button, together
with a Panic button for controlling the garden lighting,
for example. The Qbus Stand-Alone system also features timers, so that, as an example, the night hall lighting can be automatically disabled after 20 minutes.”

The basic system is a standard feature of every apartment. If more functions are required this is achieved quite simply by adding the intelligent Qbus Controller in the location provided for this purpose in the electricity box. This can be done straight away or after 5 years, as Qbus systems are always compatible with earlier versions. “This enables us to deliver on our promise to provide future-proof apartments” says Frederik Huys.


Customers purchasing their apartments at 65 years of age can wait a couple of year to decide whether to expand their Qbus Stand-Alone system to a Full Qbus system. This will enable them to send out alarms to neighbours, family members or even a care organisation whenever this is required, with the help of further emergency buttons and/ or detector, for example.” 

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