Health centre Assenede

GPs, specialists and Qbus in one location.

MCA is a community health centre, with 5 GPs and 24 specialists and paramedics. They chose to work with Qbus for the management of the centre’s HVAC and electrical systems, to make life easier. Access control, telephony and the building management system have been fully integrated.Whereas getting to the nearest hospital meant a 20-kilometre journey by car, the MCA offers specialist care in one location in Assenede.

The medical staff share several services in the MCA. They have two administrative assistants, shared waiting rooms, meeting rooms and consultation rooms. There are also three apartments on the centre’s top floor.

 “All the doctors use badges to enter their consultation rooms and the shared spaces”, says Wouter Dhaenens of Elektro Dhaenens. “This means the Qbus system always knows when there is a doctor in the consultation room and therefore activates it. The phone line is opened, the temperature is raised to 21°C and the light is turned on. Once a doctor leaves the room, the light is turned off, the heating is turned down and calls are automatically forwarded to reception. After hours, all calls are automatically forwarded to a central control room.”

They chose a gas absorption heat pump and convectors in the various spaces to heat and cool the building. “We used boreholes so the heat pump can ensure a comfortable temperature of 21°C every day of the year”, Jurgen Van De Walle of ProHeating Systems explains. “The heating or cooling temperature can also be individually adjusted in every space. The user can adjust this with the thermostat in the room or on his PC, tablet or smartphone, which activates the local convectors in the space. Overheating in the building is avoided by means of heat recovery through the ventilation system. The heat pump uses the recovered energy, pumping the heat into the installation where it is required.


“All these techniques are controlled by Qbus, ensuring the user can easily operate everything without making manners much less complicated.” Jurgen Van De Walle - ProHeating Systems