1 February 2023 - By Livine

Luqas: The smart energy manager by Qbus


Luqas connects high-volume electric consumers such as charging stations, heat pumps, and electric boilers, automatically controls them, and spreads electricity consumption better throughout the day. If you still consume too much, Luqas sends you a message so that you can intervene manually if necessary. This not only saves energy, but also avoids peaks in consumption.


Peaks in your consumption result in peaks on your bill. Fortunately, there is now a solution with Luqas, the smart electricity manager from Qbus. Luqas predicts the quarter-hour peak and will ensure that predicted high peaks are flattened by automatically controlling the high-volume consumers - who are responsible for 70% of electricity consumption - by slowing down the charging station or turning down the heat pump or electric boiler. And if that is not enough, Luqas sends a message to the resident so that they can also intervene manually if desired, for example, by turning down the stove a bit. If you have solar panels, Luqas ensures that your consumption is aligned with your own production. At times when you generate a surplus of energy, Luqas will store it in the heat pump by increasing the water temperature. With Luqas, you provide a sustainable and economically ecological comfort in your home.


With the energy slider in the app, you can direct Luqas to your wishes. You either go full-on for the Ecomode, or you choose a moderate approach. You determine how much electricity you want to purchase at most. You can adjust at any time if you wish and receive messages if the quarter-hour peak is threatened to be exceeded.


On the app, you can monitor your current consumption and consult historical data on quarter-hour peaks and electricity, gas, and water consumption.


The device is easy to install and is as big as a smartphone, fits in any electrical cabinet both in a classic installation and in a home controlled by home automation.




Surf to Qbus.be/Energymanagement for further information.

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