5. Energy Management

Managing your own energy flows good for your energy bill.

The world is becoming more and more electric.

Electric cars, heat pumps and solar panels are becoming the standard within every household, flat or building. Increasing electrification is making the world more complex for end users: you can generate energy, consume it yourself or inject it back, you can buffer energy both thermally and electrically, you can anticipate energy tariffs and consume when they are low. All these elements mean that there are possibilities for end users to intervene in their consumption and thus keep their energy bills under control. Preferably in a simple, understandable way.

Qbus has several products in its range that respond to this evolution and provide greater awareness, better control of energy consumption and thus lower energy bills.
First and foremost, the end user must become aware of when he consumes what. Showing current or historical consumption or injection can help end users make the right decisions. On the other hand, users can also receive notifications when the home or building consumes or generates too much energy at a configurable value, or when the predicted quarterly peak will exceed the current quarterly peak which will make them pay extra. 

Besides being notified, people also want to be relieved. Thus, large consumers such as heat pumps or electric cars can be automatically controlled depending on the current offtake or injection in order to increase auto-consumption thanks to thermal buffering or to better spread energy consumption (peak-shaving) so as to pay a lower capacity tariff.

New concepts such as energy sharing also create new opportunities. Using active control, generation and offtake can be matched between different connected consumers. This ensures better auto-consumption and lower energy bills.


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