15 May 2023 - By Livine

The comfort of automatic sunscreens, shutters, curtains, and gates.



Electrically controlled sunscreens, screens, shutters, curtains, etc., offer more comfort, convenience, safety, and energy savings. Think of screens or sunscreens that automatically lower when the sun shines too brightly to avoid overheating the space, or slats that automatically adjust to block out direct sunlight. The security of the home also benefits from centralized control of gates and shutters: when leaving the house, all shutters can be closed with a single "All Off" button, and pressing the "Goodnight" button at night automatically closes the gate as well. And it goes without saying that the automatic opening and closing of curtains contribute to the luxurious ambiance of a home.


Qbus offers an extensive range of motor control modules, including modules that work independently (Stand-Alone) as well as modules that are connected to the Qbus Controller to be part of a Qbus Full installation.



In addition to the existing Stand-Alone motor control modules for 1 (ROL01PSA) and 4 (ROL04PSA) motors, a version for 2 motors (ROL02PSA) is now also available for controlling 230V motors for shutters, screens, slats, curtains, and sunscreens. These modules feature dual positioning - allowing not only vertical positioning of the slats but also horizontal positioning of the slats in the case of blinds.


All Stand-Alone modules have inputs for directly connecting standard push buttons (both single-button and dual-button operation are possible), as well as one ambiance input that simultaneously controls all connected motors on that module. By linking the ambiance inputs of different Qbus Stand-Alone motor control modules, multiple motors on different modules can be controlled as a group.

By connecting a Qbus Controller, the function of the ambiance input can be adjusted. This allows for determining which connected motors should be controlled when the ambiance is activated, or setting a cascade time to sequentially control the connected motors, avoiding peak loads. After disconnecting the Controller, the motor control module retains the customized configuration.


Finally, these modules have a safety input for Normally Closed contacts. This allows them to be connected to window contacts, wind detectors, fire alarm systems. When the safety contact is activated, the connected motors are sent to 100% OPEN position, and the Stand-Alone inputs are blocked.


By permanently connecting a Qbus Controller to the motor control modules, they become part of a Qbus Full installation, allowing control via the Qbus Control App or based on the Qbus weather station, considering factors such as sunlight, rain, temperature, or wind. In the Qbus Full range, there is also a decentralized shutter module (ROL01/DEC) available, which can be directly placed on the bus and is compact enough to be integrated into a casing or recessed box.


Visit www.qbus.be/en/products/qbus-full/motorcontrol for more technical product information.

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