5 February 2024 - By Ruben

System Manager III - The configuration tool that grows with new products and functionalities 


Our configuration tool, System Manager III, has received several significant updates in the past months. Not only due to the addition of new products, such as the Zigbee range, but also through numerous improvements based on user feedback, for which we sincerely thank you. Below, you will find a concise overview of the main additions.


The first update includes the addition of our Zigbee range and Zigbee-compatible products. With this expansion, the 'New Module Wizard' has been adjusted and divided into wired and wireless modules. The module structure also splits added modules to the installation in the same way.



Saving your changes in a timely manner is crucial during the configuration of your installation. To address the tendency to forget this, we have introduced an automatic backup feature. This function will automatically create a backup of your current qdb file every 5 minutes. You can access these backups by clicking on 'File' in the main menu and then selecting 'Open Automatic Backup.' This way, you can view the last 5 automatic backups and never lose a change again.



Did you know that you can also modify a selection of I/Os at once? Thanks to the 'Global Editing' feature, you can now not only read or delete a selection of I/Os but also modify the name. Click on the 'Find and Replace' button in the 'Global Editing' screen for this purpose. Replace a selection, a group, or all I/Os at once.



Finally, creating or adjusting scenes has also been made easier. You can now directly create a new scene in a drop-down menu when creating a new I/O on a switch or input module. Additionally, in the 'Scenes' menu, you can make a selection of specific outputs and collectively set them to 50%, On, or Off status. This way, adjusting a scene is done in a snap.



If you have any further improvements to report, do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to incorporate your feedback!


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