System Manager III

Qbus System Manager III is the free configuration software for CTD01(E)(m), CTD02(E), CTD03(E) Controllers + Qbus Cloud. Please find below the most recent version but also previous online releases.

User Manual System Manager III (2013)

Qbus SMIII Beta Setup V3.20.19 (26/6/2020)

Betaversie with support for ROL01PSA, ROL04PSA, events with ringbuffer, ...
Force CTD firmware to 3.10.1 to be able to check all new features.

>>> Qbus SMIII Setup V3.20.1 (february 20 2020)

Version with support for REL02SA, thermal break protection on ROL02P, search for CTDs on all network interfaces, ...

Description software releases

Qbus SMIII Setup V3.19.1 (december 17 2019)

Version with support for CVD04SA, QWI/EW, ...

Qbus SMIII Setup V3.18.3 (april 9 2019)

Version with support for Gmatrix switches, SEN04MLT/OUTx, ...

Qbus SMIII Setup V3.17.4 (December 13 2018)

Version with support for Tastu Display

Qbus SMIII Setup V3.16.5 (October 3 2018)

Qbus SMIII Setup V3.15.0 (25/9/2017)

Qbus SMIII Setup V3.14.0 (28/8/2017)

Qbus SMIII Setup V3.13.2 (13/4/2017)

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