System Manager III

Qbus System Manager III is the free configuration software for CTD01(E)(m), CTD02(E), CTD03(E), CTD10, CTD40, CTDmax Controllers + Qbus Cloud. Please find below the most recent version. If you would like a previous release for a particular project, you can request the link by e-mail to

User Manual System Manager III (2013)

>>> Qbus SMIII Setup V3.21.02 (2021.12.08)

Version with support for CTD10, CTD40, CTDmax, INA02, QDM01, SWC0102 new range, ...

Description software releases

Qbus SMIII BETA Setup V3.21.14 (2022.01.17)

Beta Version with support for DT8 on QDM01, ...

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