Ubie connects your Internet of Things devices with each other and with Qbus and KNX home automation


On the basis of an easily configurable and controllable
Cloud interface and any platform (iOS, Windows, Android), an installation with various devices and systems can be controlled as if it were just one system, from anywhere in the world. For example, the All Off scene will turn off all the home automation outputs and disable the Sonos audio system and extinguish the Philip Hue lamp. It is easy for the final customer to perform operations such as setting clock times, sending e-mails and text messages, user management, …


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Highquality, future-oriented technologies in loft apartment

For his own loft apartment Olivier Salens opted for the Full
Qbus system. “In my capacity as an architect I obviously
know how residential building activities develop, and I was determined to have high-quality, future-oriented technologies in my own apartment.