Qbus Stand-Alone


Looking for a high-quality home or building automation
system? That is easy to install and can be configured without using a PC? But that is expandable to a full-featured home automation system? And all of this at an entry-level price?

An easy, affordable way of preparing your home for the future


The patented Qbus Stand-Alone (SA) range comprises
modules for switching screens, shutters, sockets, lighting, along with all kinds of dimmable lighting. All Qbus SA modules can be used stand alone and provide limited home automation functional features, such as an All Off button, a Panic button and timers. However, all Stand-Alone modules can also be linked to a Qbus Controller to form part of a full-featured Qbus home automation installation. 

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Applications involved

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“ Qbus Stand-Alone gave us the opportunity to offer a limited budget-priced basic functionality whose added value is recognised by all purchasers.” Frederik Huys