Highquality, future-oriented technologies in loft apartment


A standard electric installation was out of the question as there would no longer be any scope for making adjustments or changes over time. We will see major changes in building technologies in the coming years which will require us to be able to adapt or upgrade our electrical installation. For instance different lighting standards are popping up. But also  “smart devices ” are emerging all over the place − smart coffee machines, smart door bells, smart audio systems, … 


I want to be able to connect these to my home 
automation system. As an architect, I also very
much like that Qbus has switches with integrated
sensors available in Tastu, Niko, Bticino, CJC,
Lithoss and Jung-design. Something for everyone.”


“ Bring on the future!” 
-  architect, Olivier Salens


The Qbus installation in Olivier's apartment controls the heating, lighting, screens, and the large windows that convert the top floor into a covered terrace in summer. “I also have a Sonos music installation. In the beginning I was unable to connect this to my Qbus system. My Party scene connected the lighting, screens and heating but I still had to choose the appropriate music
using the Sonos App. In the meantime, Qbus launched the Ubie Internet of Things gateway. Ubie automatically detected that my apartment contained both a Qbus and Sonos system. Linking the pair was child's play − when I now press the switch to enable the Party scene, my favourite playlist also starts up. Any other smart devices
I may buy later can also be integrated with my Qbus system via Ubie. So bring on the future!” 


OS-7 (Large)
OS-6 (Large)
OS-9 (Large)
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OS-4 (Large)