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“My husband was the one who was keen on home
automation,” says Sophia. “As he works in the IT sector, he thought it was a bit daft to re-install a standard electricity system while completely refurbishing the place. He insisted that we should be able to adapt our electricity system to new technologies or new requirements in the future, such as smart meters. I was not overly concerned but found it nice to know that we could use our home automation system to make further adjustments to the function of the switches. It is only when you are really living in a new home that you realise where you want an All Off button, which one to use to control the blinds, where to dim the lights and where not. We spent the first few months in our new home adjusting many of these items with the help of the Qbus software.”


As a result of having and personally using Qbus in the
house, Sophia very soon recognised the added value it had to offer. “As both Ricardo and I often work late, we would ask a babysitter to collect the children from school. In order to make it easier for her, we created a “Children at Home” scene: the scene was activated by switch or on the touch screen to turn on the heating in the living area and the children's bedrooms, while the lighting came on in the kitchen As soon as the kids
were in bed, the babysitter would press on the “Children
Sleeping ” scene, so they knew the light in the night hall would stay on for another 30 minutes, while the heating and lighting in living room were turned on. Everything so incredibly easy.”


“It's terrific to receive a text message when the
children get home.” - Sophia


Sophia is delighted with the launch of Qbus Cloud. “This Cloud is terrific,” she says. “Ricardo created a separate group for me, where all the items I want to control are displayed in a simple and clear way. I don't have to see the energy consumption graph, nor do I need to know if the heating pump is working. But I do want to turn the heating on in the bathroom on after travelling home at the end of a long day and I also want to see if the iron socket is disabled. I am not really always sure about that,” laughs Sophia.
“I think it's terrific to be able to receive a text message
when the children get home. They no longer have to
call me when they arrive. They always forgot to do it
anyway. As soon as they turn off the alarm and turn on
the light you receive a text message to tell you “Children at home”. I can no longer manage without my Qbus.”


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