16 May 2023 - By Marc

System Manager III - Convenient updates that make your configuration process easier.


We are pleased to inform you about some new updates that have been implemented in the latest version of our System Manager III. We have continuously updated the software over the past few months based on feedback from our customers, making the configuration process even smoother. The beta version is currently available online, and we will launch the official version on July 4th.


One of the key updates in this new version is the ability to set colors on the SWC switches. You can now assign fixed colors to each output type, such as ON/OFF, dimmer, and ambiance. To do this, go to "Extra Settings" on a switch and select "Colors / mode". This setting will then be automatically applied to all switches. This makes it easier to quickly find the desired settings.



Additionally, we have simplified the thermostat screen and conversion tables for heating control. The thermostat's start screen has been made more user-friendly by splitting it into basic and advanced tabs.



This allows users to easily find the necessary information and adjust settings.

Finally, we have made it easier to input heating curves through conversion tables, without the need for complex calculations. To do this, select the 'Heating Curve' type in the 'Conversion Tables' function. Set the outdoor temperature as 'TH in' and the departure temperature of the underfloor heating as 'TH out', and adjust the values of the heating curve as desired. This heating curve will be used as the default without the need to create separate logic.


We hope that these updates contribute to an improved user experience, and we are eager to hear your feedback. Try out the beta version yourself and let us know what you think!


Click here to go to the downloadpage.

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