How do you read an existing configuration?

This is a completely different procedure depending on the type of controller.


  • For the CTD controllers this goes as follows:

In the SMIII via "File" or "Utilities / Setup / SD card", click on "Recover QDB from SD".

After confirmation you choose the name and location where the file should be saved. The zipped QDB file is then read from the SD card of the CTD and saved. With a positive answer to the question "Unzip and open restored QDB?", All data will then be immediately available. If the data you were still working on was not sent or saved, you will first receive a notification to do so.


  • For a CTL controller follow the following procedure:

Because this controller does not yet have a large memory, only limited data can be recovered. Ao the names are abbreviated to 12 characters and serial numbers are not stored anywhere.

The first step is therefore to type in ALL serial numbers via SMII via "File / Modules". These 6-digit serial numbers can be found on every module (DIN rail, switch, detector, etc.). For the SWC0x switches, an extra option was provided to have them send their serial number via “Search for modules”.

When you then click on the "down arrow", you can read all this limited information.