To ensure optimal functioning of your home automation system, it is crucial to connect it to user-friendly home automation software. Qbus has developed EQOmmand specifically for PC use, a software tool that allows you to effortlessly manage your Qbus home automation. To activate EQOmmand, you need to purchase a one-time license.


EQOmmand 3.4



Version: 3.4

The following requirements are needed:

  • Minimum operating system: Windows 8
  • Minimum screen resolution: 1024x768

The installation program automatically checks if these components are installed and will download them if necessary.

If you encounter any issues, please contact Qbus Support.


Download EQOmmand 3.4 for 32bit or 64bit computers (windows 8 and higher)


Download EQOmmand setup


The description of the configuration can be found via the following link




For systems running EQOmmand 24/7, it is recommended to install the watchdog.

In the event that EQOmmand crashes, the watchdog will automatically restart the system. Additionally, the watchdog can also restart your system at a predetermined time.


Download watchdoG


EQOmmand 3.4 includes the following new features:

  • Icons and graphs adjusted to match the Qbus Control look and feel
  • Support for new IP camera protocols
  • Overtime timer
  • Support for Qbus weather station
  • Support for Qbus DMX
  • Support for Qbus slat shutters
  • Technical adaptations (such as a different database) resulting in reduced processing power and memory requirements for EQOmmand
  • Larger configuration screen
  • Added support for Qbus Control SIP
  • Support for CTD-10, -40, -Max controllers


If you have an older version of EQOmmand prior to EQOmmand 3.0, it is not possible to directly update to the new EQOmmand 3.4 version.

When installing EQOmmand 3.4, you will need to reconfigure EQOmmand.

Exporting your current EQOmmand configuration and importing it into EQOmmand 3.4 will unfortunately not work.