Will Luqas continue to work in the future? Surely the market will change a lot?

Indeed, we predict that the market will change even further. By adding batteries to the system, additional energy can be buffered. Vehicle-to-grid technology will also allow the electric car to serve as a battery for the home. Even more sophisticated control based on dynamic tariffs, weather forecasts, etc. will be possible. Additional charging stations, more charging stations simultaneously, new control of heat pumps through other protocols, etc. will be added.


The advantage of Luqas is that this module is always expandable so that new functionalities can be added (via the connection of Luqas to the QbusControl App). And at the same time, Luqas will always remain compatible with the existing systems it controls. This is also the case with all other modules that Qbus has been developing since 1999 - we make sure they will always remain expandable and compatible.