New construction of Fokker head office


The new headquarters of the old Dutch aviation company Fokker is a striking building with approximately 6,500 m2 of floor space that has been designed with sustainability and user experience as the starting points. Sustainability is expressed, for example, in the application of a heat and cold pump; Ample daylight entry and the flexible control of all lighting ensure an optimal user experience.


Gouweloos Elektrotechniek B.V. has instructed Qbus Nederland to be able to operate by means of a centrally controlled touchscreen, fault and alarm messages from the technical installations that arrive at the reception on the ground floor.

In addition, the touch panel can also be used to switch the area lighting, the advertising lighting, the building lighting and the outdoor lighting.


The lighting within the building switches on and off automatically via motion sensors. It is, however, possible to switch on or off all lighting at once via the touchscreen when entering or leaving the building. This is also possible per section of the building.


All fault messages from technical installations, cooling or, for example, a fault with the lifts are displayed via the touch panel. The signaling and resetting of alarms from the disabled toilet (both optically and acoustically) also come in and are operated via the touch panel.


The new head office will be delivered within a few weeks, after which 250 employees will use all the facilities in and around the new building.