How does Luqas work?

Luqas manages energy flows in the residence. It controls the large electrical consumers (heat pump, boilers, charging station) according to your current energy consumption. It warns you in case of overconsumption or high peaks. Luqas puts you back in control of your energy bill.

Luqas is connected to the digital meter and knows how much electricity is currently being purchased or injected. Depending on that information, Luqas will control a heat pump (via smart grid) or two electric boilers (via 2 relay contacts) and 1 charging station. Luqas ensures that

  • - When there is a surplus of energy generated via the solar panels, this energy is buffered by increasing the temperature of the heat pump / boilers (= Autoconsumption).
  • - If consumption is too high, the charging station and/or the heat pump/boilers are turned down for a certain time.

If, after this automatic control of the connected large-scale consumers, too much electricity is consumed so that your quarter-hour peak will be exceeded, Luqas will send you a message so that you can take further action if you wish (turn down the heat, postpone the washing of dishes or the washing machine...). Avoiding those quarter-hour peaks is described as "peak-shaving".