How do I operate Luqas?

Qbus Control App - Luqas View, Luqas Control, Luqas Dynamic Control


All controls of the Luqas module are managed within the Qbus Control app. The Qbus Control app is available on Android and iOS operating systems.


Within the app, you can create a personal energy dashboard. Depending on the chosen subscription (Luqas View, Luqas Control, Luqas Dynamic Control), you'll have access to various functions and controls.


With the free subscription, Luqas View, you have access to the following basic functions:

  • Energy slider
  • Visual tracking of energy consumption and yield
  • Automatic control of two charging points
  • Monitoring of heat pumps or heat pump boilers
  • Consumption data over 24 hours, 7 days, and 30 days.

Luqas View provides users with basic control over their energy. Thanks to the energy slider, you can easily automate the control of your high-consumption devices, keeping your energy usage in check.


Energy slider

Select your desired energy level using a simple energy slider. On the energy slider, you can set your maximum desired consumption based on your home's specific situation (presence of a heat pump or charging station, your standard usage, etc.)



The Luqas Control subscription offers, in addition to basic functions, extra advanced features for additional savings such as:


  • 3 new charging modes: Auto, Sun Only, and Manual
  • Dynamic control of two charging points.
  • Manual settings for the heat pump.
  • Push notifications for peak consumption or high injection.
  • Monthly energy insights with personalized tips

Luqas Control empowers users to have comprehensive control over their energy. Not only can you automatically control your high-consumption devices but also intervene manually. Set your own day and night schedules. Combined with notifications and personalized energy insights, users have full control over their energy.



Luqas Dynamic Control is an upgrade from the Luqas Control subscription. In addition to Luqas Control, you get extra functionalities tailored to your personal energy needs:

  • Dynamic tariff regulation based on your energy consumption.
  • Weather forecast for optimized energy management.
  • Prediction of your energy consumption for optimal energy usage management.


Luqas - Intelligent charging


With Luqas Control and Luqas Dynamic Control, you have access to 3 new charging modes: Manual, Sun Only, and Auto.



Offers complete control over the charging capacity; you can determine how much power is being charged. Charge the car at a fixed speed up to 100% or disconnect it at any time. Choose maximum comfort!


Sun Only

Charge the car solely using solar energy. The charging process begins only when sufficient solar energy is available.



The car is charged with a pre-set number of kilometers within a specific period.

The amount of energy charged is economically determined, taking into account:

  • The settings of the energy slider.
  • The set tariff: single, dual, or dynamic tariff.

These new charging modes offer a flexible and advanced approach for a personalized and efficient charging process, tailored to diverse needs and situations.



In addition to the 3 new charging modes, you can now create your own personalized charging profile for energy-efficient and automatic charging of your car.


How does it work? Simply put: your vehicle is charged with a pre-set number of kilometers within a certain period, entirely tailored to your specific needs. The energy charged is determined as efficiently as possible based on two crucial factors:

  • The set energy slider.
  • The set tariff: single, dual, or dynamic tariff.


When you connect your vehicle to the charging station, it automatically selects your unique charging profile and starts charging according to your preferences. You can easily change your charging profile via a notification on your smartphone.