How much can I save with Luqas?

With Luqas, you save in various ways:


  1. Autoconsumption: Luqas ensures that the generated energy is effectively consumed or stored in the home. Storing can be achieved, for example, by raising the temperature of the warm water tank of the heat pump or the boiler.
  2. Peak-shaving: Due to the new electricity bill calculation, you are penalized if you operate too many devices simultaneously, causing peaks in electricity consumption. 1 kWh costs you 45 euros annually excluding VAT. Luqas will avoid your peaks by automatically slowing down the electric car's charging and by reducing the output of the heat pump or boilers when you consume too much. And if that's not enough, Luqas will send you a message* if you're close to exceeding your peak consumption, so you can intervene if desired.
  3. Reduced consumption through awareness: by receiving messages on excessive consumption, by limiting your energy consumption via the Energy Slider, by receiving energy insights with personalized tips, and by using smart charging modes, you become aware of your energy consumption and are able to control it more effectively.

*Only with Luqas Control or Luqas Dynamic Control subscription.


The amount you save depends on the major consumers in your home. If you don't have a heat pump or charging station, savings are only based on avoiding peak loads (peak-shaving). If you also have a heat pump and charging station, in addition to peak-shaving, you can save by using self-generated energy (auto-consumption) instead of selling it back to the grid at a price much lower than the price at which you buy energy.


Based on average energy consumption, test cases in residential environments, feedback from heat pump manufacturers (savings through self-consumption), and price information from VREG, we arrive at the following savings:



    Household with heat pump

    Household with charging station​​​​​​​

    Household with heat pump and charging station​​​​​​​

    Household consumption​​​​​​​

    7.500 kWh

    7.000 kWh

    11.000 kWh

    Potential peak consumption savings*​​​​​

    € 225

    € 495

    € 720

    Potential increase in self-consumption savings​​​​​​​**

    € 315

    € 157

    € 554

    Total potential savings​​​​​​​

    € 540

    € 652

    € 1.274

    Luqas payback period***​​​​​​​

    1,5 years

    1,2 years

    < 1 year

* Calculated at €45/kW (incl. VAT) and a decrease in peak consumption of 5kW (scenario 1), 11kW (scenario 2), and 16kW (scenario 3).​​​​​​​


** Calculated with a 15% increase in self-consumption for a heat pump, 8% for a charging station, and 18% for a heat pump and charging station. The energy price is €0.28/kWh = €0.36/kWh (consumption) - €0.08/kWh (feed-in tariff) (VREG - July 2023).​​​​​​​


*** Calculated with a total cost of €800 for Luqas with installation including VAT.​​​​​​​


If a heat pump or an electric boiler is controlled by Luqas, you are also entitled to the Electric Heat Control premium (SEW premium), where half of the purchase plus installation cost up to a maximum of €400 is reimbursed (application and installation are valid between 1/01/2023 and 31/12/2023). This applies to Luqas as well as to the rest of the Qbus products installed (Luqas is mandatory). More information about the premium can be found at the following link:​​​​​​​