3. Heating, cooling & ventilation

Want to enjoy substantial energy savings without having to sacrifice on your comfort? Now you can, with zonal heating/cooling and smart ventilation.


1°C = a 6% saving

The cost involved in heating and cooling accounts
for an average 25% of a building’s overall energy
bill. Huge savings can therefore be made as a
result of temperature optimisation but the idea is
obviously not to sacrifice the level of comfort …


Zonal heating / cooling 

Qbus smart switches with integrated temperature sensors allow every zone in a home or building to be individually heated or cooled, so you can be sure that the right space enjoys the right temperature at the right time. If you want the bathroom to be automatically set at the temperature of 24 degrees at 6.30 am, consider it done. If you need to kitchen to reach the pleasant temperature of 21°C at 6 pm, that is not a problem. Qbus can make sure the meeting room is cooled down to 23°C when people are gathered there, and when you leave the building the All Off button can be pushed
for the heating to be automatically set to a lower level.


Smart ventilation
As a result of constantly improving building insulation
techniques, effective ventilation is becoming increasingly important. However, the idea is obviously not for the heated or cooled air to be blown away for no particular reason. Qbus air quality sensors ensure perfect air quality without any unnecessary loss of energy. And because the outdoor temperature is known, we ensure cool air is drawn in so that building is cooled down according to an energy-friendly approach.

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