1. Lighting

Lighting is essential nowadays for decorating spaces, creating an atmosphere and saving energy.

In the same living room we like to have different types of lighting depending on whether we are watching the television, playing a board game or doing some cleaning. A great deal of energy is saved in office
buildings as a result of dimming the lighting in accordance with the daylight.
A Qbus Stand-Alone installation enables lights to be on/off controlled, while any potential light sources (halogen, LED, fluorescent lamps, DALI, …) are dimmed with standard switches. 

A Full Qbus installation also allows for the control of other light technologies, such as DMX, … It is then as easy as one, two, three to select the required LED colours using the Qbus Cloud colour wheel. Or have a hotel façade automatically bathed in a loop of colour at a specific time. Ubie also allows Internet of Things lighting solutions, such as Philips Hue lamps, to be connected to a Qbus or KNX installation.