6. Measurement

The score card of my smart building

Together with General Electric, Qbus has run various
tests to see how much energy can be saved as a result of installing Qbus. The findings are absolutely stunning: in the home, we save an average 19% on heating and 13% on electricity . In commercial buildings the savings rise to 60% for the heating/cooling system and 30% for electricity.

Using the Qbus Cloud application, all it takes is a touch of the finger to call up a number graphs of each output. How much energy has my home consumed over the last 24 hours ? How much or less is this in comparison with yesterday? What was the average bedroom temperature over the past seven days? When did the cleaning woman come by? What was the air quality in the classrooms this month? Or ask Qbus Cloud to send you a message when the water consumption is too high.

A more detailed analysis and comparison can be
provided by EQOmmand, which not only displays
graphs of the required outputs but also allows you
to analyse this information in greater detail.

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