9. Pool Management

The Smart Pool: Enjoy Extra Comfort with Qbus Integration.

Thanks to smart thermostats, you always enjoy the perfect water temperature, tailored to your personal preferences. But that's not all. Qbus intelligently controls not only the temperature but also the lighting, water level, and operation of the filter pump. If there is a leak, you receive an immediate notification in the app. These automatic maintenance and fault notifications help keep your repair costs low.


The Qbus temperature sensor measures the temperature of the pool water. Set your desired temperature and heat your pool at the right time. Depending on the chosen mode, you control your pool the way you want and go for (sustainable) comfort.


Choose the vacation mode during the winter months or when you are not home. Or go for the eco mode, where you set the temperature and Qbus chooses the ideal moment to reach that temperature. For special occasions, there is the boost mode. Planning a party? You want the water to be at the perfect temperature within 2 hours.


The Perfect Combination with the Smart Energy Manager Luqas


Discover the power of combining it with our smart energy manager Luqas. By integrating Luqas with a heat pump, solar panels, and a smart meter, your pool can serve as an efficient thermal battery on sunny days.


Luqas communicates seamlessly with your digital meter, allowing your pool to be optimally heated when there is an excess of solar energy. In this ecological mode, energy is maximized when the electricity produced by your solar panels is not needed elsewhere in the house and is not fed back into the grid. This keeps the pool cost-efficiently at the right temperature.


The Benefits at a Glance​​​​​​​


The benefits of Qbus smart pool management include:


  • Easy control
  • Maximum sustainable comfort
  • Energy-efficient management

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