2. Blinds

The automatic control of screens, curtains,
shutters and awnings prevents overheating,
improves security and creates the appropriate

A pleasant sunny afternoon on the terrace is suddenly interrupted by a summer storm. The Qbus weather station measurement shows that the wind is lifting and it is getting darker and automatically closes the awnings. It is about time to put down that exciting book and go to sleep. One press of the
switch next to the bed activates the “Sleep Well ” scene so all the lights are turned off and the shutters are automatically closed.
The temperature sensor in a Qbus smart switch measures that the office temperature is rising faster than anticipated. The integrated light sensor in this switch senses that quite a bit of light is entering. This means the sun light is shining in and heating the space. The screens are automatically closed in order to keep the heat outside. If it continues to get hotter, Qbus turns the air-conditioning on. In the meantime, further energy has been saved and it is not uncomfortably hot in the office.

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