8. Care

Your Qbus home takes care of you

Qbus care


The sharp increase in the number of people belonging to the over-65 age group has resulted in a huge need for homes adapted or adaptable to the requirements of the elderly. Qbus Care is a range of products, technologies and services that can be deployed in buildings where care services may be required.

Care technology tailored to the care process rather than the other way round


From retirement homes providing constant care to
service apartments, where a home-based assistant can
help if needed and to “normal” homes that need to be
adapted to allow elderly people to live at home for a longer time (age-friendly home). Qbus Care can offer a tailormade solution for each of these types of care, specific to the care provider and the elderly people themselves. 

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“ Qbus Stand-Alone gave us the opportunity to offer a limited budget-priced basic functionality whose added value is recognised by all purchasers.” Frederik Huys

Efficiency and comfort in Avondzon residential care center

Seniors, residents of Residential Care Centre Avondzon, and their caretakers greatly appreciate the comfort provided by the Qbus installation. The high level of satisfaction perfectly complements the excellent reputation Avondzon enjoys around Aalst.


Well worth the investment - Carlos Thysebaerdt, Director at Avondzon